Anp Atlantis Case Study

anp Atlantis

ANP Corp has been delivering the best, for 2 decades now. ANP has created a reputed name for itself with more than 21 successful projects. The said project has one of its kind architecture. Site is located in the posh area of Balewadi, Pune which offers plenty of advantages in itself like prime location, healthy surroundings, lavish lifestyle and most importantly high returns on the investment. Living in a complex with all the features, is no more a distant dream. ANP has turned this long standing dream to reality with the launch of ANP Atlantis. They partnered with us to generate lead flow which was stuck due to a pandemic.


  • The project was launched just before covid,hence there was less or no response.
  • Lead generation through search engines like Google and also dropped down drastically as low as zero due to no demand in lockdown.
  • Generation of leads through various social media platforms and then engaging them to turn into customers.
  • Create crisp and to the point content as readers on social media have a limited attention span.


  • Our team conducted a detailed research, analysis of potential clients to target the lead audience.
  • We devised a social media strategy as pandemic led to an increase in the social media usage.
  • Professional content and optimization techniques increased the brand's online visibility manifold on Facebook and Instagram.
  • With the help of an engaging communication strategy we managed to grab the attention of potential clients towards ATP Atlantis's site.


  • We helped in generating a whopping number of leads of 1690 just within two quarters of our intervention.
  • We managed to persuade various leads into buying 35 units.
  • Increased number of sales even in lockdown.
  • Cost per booking : 10k