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Oyemarketor, a top search engine optimization (seo) Agency in real estate, provides expert digital marketing strategies for improved Google search results. Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, quality link building and attractive content creation, all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business. Giving pure white hat SEO is our motto using different types of implemented methods.

As a SEO company, honestly we understand this challenge and provide solutions that help to improve your online search visibility that results in reaching your target audience, driving more traffic, leads, brand awareness and more. Our result-driven approach in conceiving the strategy and building a dynamic campaign has given remarkable results in the past and we strive to reproduce the same in the present and future

Whenever we search for something on Google, we usually go with the top 3 or 4 links from the Google search results. This very basic tendency of ours sets the stature of the websites and places them at a high position of Google ranking. Now the question stands of how to get your website on the top of search results. Well, SEO is the answer for you. Search Engine Optimization is a very potent technique to stay put and presentable in the sea-sized global network. The basic concept is to attract more and more traffic by creating organic yet unique content for your targeted clients. OyeMarketor is a team of professionals who sit throughout and land on the best SEO content. We make sure that your digital position on Google ranking reaches high and then sustain the same, with all our suggestive operations. The obvious advantages of SEO are that is it cost-effective, helps you to reach people globally, showcase every inch of information on a single page that the client lands on, increases the business’ goodwill and credibility among the customers, and converts your viewers into regular customers.

Our Services

What We Do


Website SEO Audits

We have an extensive range of SEO tools to provide the complete in-depth analysis on your website.

on page seo

On-page SEO

If you have a website for your business online, then you need On-page SEO for your website.

off page seo

Off-page SEO

We deliver the best Off-page SEO to upsurge targeted traffic to your site through white hat SEO.

local seo

Local SEO.

We increase local awareness for your brand while enhancing your online reputation through Local SEO.

best SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting

We offer best SEO Consulting Services designed to suit the unique needs of your website

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

In Technical SEO, we provide you the right website architecture, structure,gateways and more.

ecommerce seo service

E-Commerce SEO

Through our ecommerce seo service, we aim to increase your site revenue via organic traffic.

Content Marketing Services

We have a team of extremely talented content writers who specialize in online marketing and SEO.

Why Choose OyeMarketor?

Experienced Staff

Our team of SEO experts have years of experience in the best search marketing, knowing what it takes to increase the visibility of a website. We understand what a website needs to achieve these rankings to get visitors and increase ROI. Throughout this period, our SEO experts have perfected techniques which your business can benefit from. We have effective techniques and latest updates to ensure your site doesn’t fall in rankings, Through this, we have successfully been able to rank sites highly in search engines

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Data Driven Methodology

Our SEO company uses data and only data to create the campaign. No guessing games.

Quality White Hat Link Building

As the best SEO company we focused on the quality of links. We find quality sites on which we place guest posts and infographics and use other methods for backlinks, like blog commenting and creating helpful relationships.

Detailed Transparent Reporting

When you choose an SEO agency you have a right to know what you are paying for. We do not believe in keeping secrets and we are proud of our methodes. We keep you informed every strategy and step of the campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At OyeMarketor, we stand behind our work and our results. Our team is best in SEO having years of experience in industry.
All of our clients receive expert service from our in-house team. None of our work is outsourced and we take great pride in the ability to generate BIG results with the family we’ve built here.Keywords are the base of SEO. The best keywords make it easy for the user to find you. OyeMarketor will help you to select the best keywords for your business which people use to find services, products or information of your niche. Our strategy includes competitor analysis, search queries, search trend analysis, keyword relevance check etc. which will help you to rank your business in your niche.
OyeMarketor uses only White Hat SEO techniques, so you will not have to worry about being penalised or banned. All of our techniques are described to you and we keep you informed as to what we are doing so there are no surprises.
SEO is an on-going process and it requires a whole team with strong technical knowledge and skills from web development and design to content formation and digital marketing. At OyeMarketor, you will have all these services under one roof with years of experience in the digital marketing industry.
Backlinks help improve your rankings. Search engines see backlinks as positive 'votes' for your site. Search engines highly associate your site's backlinks with your site's ability to satiate a browser's search wishes.
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How We Work


Technical SEO Audit

Our team first performs a technical audit of your site to identify problems. It involves an in-depth look of your website that helps us to identify flaws that are preventing your site from ranking.

Tailored SEO Game Plan

This plan involves everything from creating schedules to implementation. An organized approach focused on results is what we believe in.

Website Optimization

The design of a website and its content is only a piece to the SEO puzzle, but a very important piece. We optimise websites with our proven methods.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research and Analysis carried out at OyeMarketor determines the most effective keywords and SEO keyword suggestions for all the keyword categories.

Content Writing

After keyword research our writers, strategists and consultants work together to develop engaging content that is easy for target audiences and ranks on search engine results pages.

Quality Link Building

We make your website famous in your niche by creating high-quality backlinks to strengthen your site.We build backlinks on high authority sites as well as Video submission, Infographic submission, and others.


Results Monitoring & Report

To maintain complete transparency in the SEO program, we share all crucial and detailed insights because we believe and support that an informed client is a happy client.

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