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Are you searching for strategies to outshine your competitors and get more leads to your website? Consult OyeMartetor PPC Company for world-class best paid marketing services(PPC services). We are a popular digital marketing company in Pune, well-known for successful paid marketing services. Our digital Marketing experts help increase your brand visibility and conversion with a curated paid marketing strategy. We create targeted paid campaigns for different platforms such as social media, Google Adwords, media buying and so on. Hire our paid marketing services to boost your conversions and sales.


Our Services

What We Do


Google Adwords

Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, we are best PPC agency that can help you design the PPC campaign that can help you reach your goals.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Through careful keyword research and white hat SEO practices, we can help you achieve higher organic rankings and increased visibility in search results.


Social Media Marketing

With our social media marketing service, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms.


Display Advertising

We are best PPC company to use most effective types of online display advertising such as texts, logos, images and videos to promote your brand to reach maximum customers with high potential of conversion.


YouTube Advertising

As a YouTube advertising agency, OyeMarketor can provide everything your business needs to advertise on YouTube, from building your campaigns to creating your ads.



OyeMarketor is a best ppc company & many case studies and survey reports have shown that the outcomes received after implementing the Remarketing technique are quite impressive.


Email Marketing

How many emails from businesses do you delete every day? Choose OyeMarketor and let's make your email marketing campaigns stand out and work for your business.


Mobile App Marketing

With millions of apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you need strategic marketing to highlight your mobile app in front of your targeted users.

Why Choose OyeMarketor?

Market Understanding

Having worked on over 1000+ projects gives the necessary market understanding to work with clients from different industry verticals. We understand the digital marketing landscape inside and out and can create highly-successful paid marketing campaigns for clients from different industries such as legal, dental, e-commerce etc.

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Focused and Passionate Team

A skilled and experienced team that are driven by the company’s mission to spread digital happiness.


Strong Relationships and Culture

Honesty, transparency, and consistency are the underlying values in our relationship with the clients to instill trust and be trusted.


Innovation and Creativity

Our relentless efforts to stay on top of the latest technology trends and consistently think out of the box for each project we work on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a OyeMarketor digital marketing solutions provider, we provide a good array of services including program optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, paid-per-click advertising, and Graphic design and more.
SEO otherwise you can say "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." Deciding to rent an SEO company may be a really big deal for you. Our SEO services help to potentially enhance your website, improve reputation, and save time.
Pay Per Click is that the advertising model during which advertiser buy the ads that are served to the relevant audience available on the digital platforms
Social Media works as a supporter for your paid campaigns and it's also an organic thanks to build your brand, increase your presence, and connect together with your audience. Through social media, you'll identify how your brand is perceived or what's your brand image within the eyes of your targeted audience.
Yes, We have custom plans as per your requirement.
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How We Work



We initially analyze the client’s business, their website, and the competition to provide clear documentation that is needed to be used throughout all the stages of the client project.

Choosing right Digital Marketing channels

Our choice of digital marketing channels depends on the goals you would like to realize . OyeMarketor chooses the digital marketing channels that might be right for your specific business.

Creating relevant content

Relevant content helps you reach the proper people in an awesome sea of data . OyeMarketor Create relevant content that might be right for Ads.

Developing Content Library for selected channels

Once we've a broad level content structure in place as defined above, we customize it for selected channels. The customization includes various sorts of content, i.e. text, images, videos, blogs, etc

Leverage Paid Advertising

We select Paid advertising channels like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads that might be right for your specific business.

Create Action Plan

The final step before we start executing is to place timelines and responsibilities across relevant teams.


Measure Results and Optimize

Providing and generating regular reports that are supported analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, goal tracking and also amend the project plan supported results

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