Real Estate Facebook Ads: 8 Tips That Will Generate More Clients

facebook ads

Facebook being the ultimate platform where real estate agencies prefer to post their marketing content, aiming to generate leads and convert them into potential customers.

Facebook is a very common as well as popular social media platform that connects people and communities worldwide. There are high chances of finding potential clients here. People generally follow pages or content they are interested in. Additionally, Facebook uses the likes and dislikes of the user to show relevant ads and content, essentially working like a partial search engine. These are some ways that can be helpful if you apply them in your business.

Use Various Targeting Options To Zero In On Your Audience

For realtors, Facebook can be the perfect marketing platform, not only because of its popularity but the ability to target with greater precision. There are various targeting options available to ensure a more precise approach and ensure that your Facebook ads for real estate buyers reach the exact audience. You can target your audience through the following criteria:

  • Age Range
  • Income
  • Level of ownership (First home, holiday home, etc.)
  • Potential movers

Only Facebook allows you to target your audience in such a detailed manner. When the platform offers you the ability to zero in on your target with such precision, why not use the facility?

1. Find The Right Audience with Detailed Targeting

Speaking of audiences, detailed targeting is a crucial option you should pay attention to when creating Facebook ads for real estate buyers.

Detailed targeting allows you to find clients using three major criteria: demographics, interests, and behavior. Each of these criteria includes dozens of options. The more options you choose, the bigger the audience you’ll create for your ads.

You can play with different tags and build different combinations to attract different groups of users. For example, you can choose people who are away from their families, have recently moved, and who like Pages related to housing.

2. Use Videos To Turn Viewers Into Leads

With more people watching videos on Facebook and native videos likely to achieve a higher engagement level than images or text, it's the best way to boost your reach. When native videos pass through a user’s newsfeed, they play automatically. This is great for increasing engagement. The bonus is that once you upload a video with the posts, it gets stored in the video library of your page for future visitors' attention.

Let’s look at some real estate ads examples; it is crystal clear that for realtors, videos are next to the real thing and can provide the audience with a realistic view of the property and its salient features. If you want to make it more impactful, create 360-degree videos that can give a virtual tour of your property with the USPs highlighted remarkably.

3. Create A Copy That Stands Out

Without a compelling copy, your other efforts at creating a wonderful real estate digital marketing campaign on Facebook cannot deliver desired results. You can create your FB ad copy in two ways:

  • Add copy within the post
  • Place copy on the image

Both options can deliver desired results. If you are placing the copy on the image, it should not interfere with the image view. Keep your copy simple, to the point, and easy to read. Avoid using long sentences, and do not pepper it with adjectives without reason. It will most likely put off the readers. Check if the copy provides all the information that buyers generally look for in an ad. It is a good idea to leave out some essential data such as price and unique features to drive action and make readers call you. Experts also recommend placing links within the post. Using URL shorteners can help save space in the copy. Check out some of the most successful real estate Facebook ad examples to understand the value of a good copy.

Engage Carousel Ads For A Wider Display Of Properties

The Carousel Ad format of Facebook is truly unique and tailor-made for advertisers who rely on visual content for selling their stuff. When you look at some of the best commercial real estate Facebook ads, you will realize how marketers are using this format to entice and engage their audiences. With the Facebook Carousel Ad format, advertisers can showcase a series of images in the form of a catalog. Viewers can scroll through the ad to visit multiple images without having to come out of it. This can deliver a highly convenient and desirable user-experience.

Add A Compelling CTA

Make sure your ad has a clear call-to-action and make it compelling too. The goal of your FB ad must be clear. List what you want visitors to do. Some of them can be:

  • Sign up for an open house session
  • Provide contact details
  • Click on listings
  • Engage on social channels
  • Call your executives

Marketing experts say that your CTA will be read by 90 percent of visitors. Also, personalized CTAs are likely to receive more clicks, and on Facebook, you can address anyone personally. Finally, get rid of all clutter so that there are no distractions in the CTA route.

Boost Conversions with Artificial Intelligence and Video Ads

Photography has been helping real estate professionals for a long time. What could help sell a property better than photos? Videos, of course! Video is one of today’s hottest digital trends and is expected to account for 82% of global internet traffic by 2022.

More and more companies across all markets are embracing this trend and using videos for their ads. There are a few reasons for that.

First, an average user watches at least a few minutes of video every day. Additionally, video content isn’t hard to produce anymore, especially for real estate agencies.

At Softcube, we see this every day. Our artificial intelligence engine crawls real estate listings to get all necessary data about a property, watches footage of the property, chooses the best scenes, adds visuals and text, and compiles the result into a high-quality video ad:

Thanks to human-free technology, video production has become faster and cheaper, making it possible to quickly create top-notch video ads at scale.

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